Investor Attraction & Innovation in Services, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, July 20th 2018 Presentation – Zoë Harries


WAIPA Certification Course with the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment Presentation, Columbia, June 2-5, 2018 – Dr. Douglas van den Berghe


Jordan’s Value Proposition – Why Jordan is an Exciting Candidate for US Business Investment, 2018 Jordan – U.S. Investment Forum, New York City, June 25th, 2018, San Francisco, June 28th, 2018


Marketing, Incentives Framework, Investor Attraction & Recent Trends in FDI and New Forms of Investment Future Leaders Program – World FZO, Zoë Harries, 29 April 2018


Workshop Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) 2018: The Role of Marketing and Communications in Investment Promotion: How to Influence the Investment Decision Process. Presented by Ms. Zoë Harries and Mr. Laurens van der Schoor, April 8th, 2018


UNESCAP with contributions of Van den Berghe, D. and Van der Schoor, L. (2017), Handbook on Policies, Promotion and Facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific


Van der Schoor, L. (2017), World FZO Research Article: Measuring, Monitoring, and Evaluating the Socio-Economic Impact of Free Zones


Van der Schoor, L. (2017), World FZO Research Article: Quo Vadis? The 4th Industrial Revolution: Towards Prosperity


Canadian FDI Forum 2017 Presentation: What the U.S. Election and Brexit Mean for FDI and International Site Selection Decisions


AZFA’s 21st Conference for the Free Economic Zones of the America’s in Tenerife Presentation 2017: What do Companies Look for when they Settle in Free Trade Zones


ICA and WAVTEQ IEDC’s Annual Conference in Toronto Presentation 2017: How to engage with site selection consultants to secure investment referrals and negotiate on incentives


Article: Why sustainability cannot be ignored
Publication: fDi Magazine, , June 2017
Authors: Dr Henry Loewendahl, Christian Kollinsky & Dr Douglas van den Berghe


Dr. Douglas van den Berghe (PhD), CEO, Investment Consulting Associates (ICA), Dr. Henry Loewendahl (PhD), Group CEO, WAVTEQ, & Christian Kollinsky, Sustainable Development Advisor, WAVTEQ (2017): Sustainable Development and FDI: Towards a Practical Framework to Implement the Principle of Sustainable Development into Investment Promotion Strategy


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Scenario Internationaal Ondernemen maart 2013, Douglas van den Berghe, CEO, Investment Consulting Associates Click Here.


The Global Best to Invest Report (2013), Site Selection Magazine


Van den Berghe, D. & Van der Schoor, L. (2013), Background Paper for Eight Columbia International Investment Conference: Investment Incentives: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Assessing the costs, benefits and options for policy reform


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Manufacturing- The American Prodigal Son? Christopher Steele – President, CWS Consulting Group LLC and Twitter at @cwsgroup Click Here.




Revival of United States as Economic Power House – U.S. FDI Competitiveness Report 2011 Click Here.


Port Study 2009 – White Paper on Competitiveness Europe and Middle East”
Given the world economy of today ports have become hubs in linking global trade and foreign direct investment. As such ports and their surrounding business parks are crucial for the competitiveness of countries and regions. This white paper assesses the competitiveness of European and Middle Eastern ports – through a Port Competitiveness Index (PCI). The approach taken is unique as they integrate multiple aspects of competitiveness: tax, transfer pricing, legal, customs and the general business environment. View Extract.

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